The Way of Christ Faith Formation

The St. Philip’s Institute presents The Way of Christ faith formation program. This website accompanies the student manual with a short videos and quizzes for each lesson. You can work through it on your own or use it in small groups and classes. See the “How to Use this Site” page for more suggestions.

During the COVID-19 Quarantine, we offer The Way of Christ book free to download.

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Lesson 1: Divine Revelation

Lesson 2: The Trinity

Lesson 3: Creation and Fall

Lesson 4: Salvation History

Lesson 5: Jesus Christ

Lesson 6: The Paschal Mystery

Lesson 7: The Holy Spirit

Lesson 8: The Church

Lesson 9: Mary and the Saints

Lesson 10: The Four Last Things

Lesson 11: Sacraments and Liturgy

Lesson 12: Baptism and Confirmation

Lesson 13: The Eucharist

Lesson 14: The Mass

Lesson 15: Reconciliation and Anointing

Lesson 16: Holy Orders

Lesson 17: Holy Matrimony

Lesson 18: The Christian Moral Life

Lesson 19: Culture of Life

Lesson 20: Catholic Social Teaching

Lesson 21: Tradition of Prayer

Lesson 22: Sin and Temptation

Lesson 23: Going to Confession

Lesson 24: Battle of the Spiritual Life

Lesson 25: The Virtues

Lesson 26: Holy Week

Going Deeper Lesson 1: Scripture

Going Deeper Lesson 2: The Trinity

Going Deeper Lesson 3: The Church

Going Deeper Lesson 4: Mary and the Saints

Going Deeper Lesson 5: The Sacraments

Going Deeper Lesson 6: Grace