How to Use this Site

The Way of Christ book, videos, and website work together to give the reader and viewer a comprehensive understanding of what is being taught. Below are a few instructions on how to use these materials.

How do the videos and quizzes work?

The videos are five to seven minutes long and provide a brief story and explanation to go with each lesson. The quizzes are all ten question each and come from the lesson in The Way of Christ book, which can be purchased on the St. Philip Institute website. The quizzes can be retaken as often as desired. As a 100% is achieved on each quiz, a certificate is automatically emailed to the learner.

How can someone interested in learning the Catholic faith use this site?

The Way of Christ book is a short catechism of the basics of the Catholic faith. The videos and quizzes on this website supplement the lessons in The Way of Christ book. Anyone can use these materials together to work through the entire program. To receive a certificate for a passing grade, the student must achieve a 100% on the exam. Just work your way through the program and collect your certificates!

How can catechists use this site?

Catechists can use this site either to learn more about the Catholic faith themselves, or they can use the resources (book + website videos and quizzes) as an incentive for students to study between CCD classes. For example, a catechist may assign challenges as follows:

  • Read the lesson and watch the video in class. After discussing the material, let the students take the quiz on their devices and see who can get a 100% and certificate.
  • Make a challenge where any student who completes FIVE (or whatever number) lessons by the next class gets a reward (candy bar, t-shirt, sticker, recognition, etc).
  • Make a bigger challenge. If the entire class achieves 500 certificates (or whatever number makes sense for your class), the class gets a pizza party!
  • Or think of some other combination of completion goal and incentive! Get creative and use the site to motivate students.